BribeUShop is a bamboo products shop.

The goal of BribeUShop is to bring more ecological and social sustainability especially in the toothbrush market which every year produces, in Europe alone, over 1,000 million non-biodegradable plastic brushes.

Our mission is to reduce plastic in the world

We also believe that it is worth rethinking the most basic things in life so that they are more functional and ecological.

BribeUShop is a ecological alternative

Today, in Europe alone, over 1,000 million plastic toothbrushes are produced every year. And there are over 5,000 million worldwide! Most of this waste goes directly to landfills and only a small part is recycled.

Depending on the sources, some claim that only about 10% is recycled and 15% is burned, while other sources claim that 10% ends up in the ocean. We believe in our common sense. Surely there is too much plastic around us, we are not against it, but we are against using it only once or for a short time. We believe that even the most basic things in life deserve to be rethought to be more functional and ecological.

The BribeUShop toothbrush is made up of 95% renewable sources and is 95% biodegradable. These 95% are the natural bamboo handle, the cardboard packaging. The remaining 5% is made up of bristles made by DuPont. At this stage we have chosen to use these bristles as they are still, in our opinion, the best way to ensure good oral care. There are 100% organic alternatives such as animal hair or PLA bristles but, by our standards, it's still not a good alternative. In the meantime, we continue to look for solutions to address this remaining 5%.

One more word about bamboo, besides being a 100% organic material it is also pretty good. Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on earth. It is naturally antibacterial, so it does not need pesticides or fertilizers and needs very little water to grow.

BribeUShop wants to build a society of optimistic people. People who share similar values and interests and inspire each other to find alternatives for products and materials that harm this beautiful planet!