How to properly care for a bamboo toothbrush

If bamboo toothbrushes are made from biodegradable and natural materials, do they need more care or treatment than plastic toothbrushes? How long do the plastic ones last? Do they need special treatments to stay in good condition?

These are questions we hear a lot, so read on to find out the answers!

Methods for keeping your bamboo toothbrush in good condition

When switching from a plastic toothbrush to a bamboo toothbrush, it is natural to wonder if it will last that long or if it needs special treatment to stay in good condition. After all, most people are used to brushing their teeth in the morning, storing their plastic toothbrush in a case or cup, and forgetting about it until the evening!

The good news is that bamboo toothbrushes are naturally antibacterial and quite durable, so you don't have to do anything out of the ordinary to care for them. This is a change to help the environment that is really easy to do!

However, here are some things you should do to keep your bamboo toothbrush clean, fresh, and in great condition!

1. When you first get your bamboo toothbrush, please recycle the packaging

Receiving or opening your bamboo toothbrush for the first time is like with a plastic toothbrush - there's nothing extra you need to do before using it.

All of our packaging, from the bags we use to the individual boxes our toothbrushes are packaged in, are made from recycled and / or recyclable paper and cardboard so you can simply put them in your paper recycling.

2. Don't brush too hard!

Questo è una convinzione comune, ma NON devi spazzolare forte per pulire i denti correttamente! Sì, anche con uno spazzolino manuale!

In fact, brushing too hard and excessive brushing can actually damage the gums and the top layer of enamel on your teeth, making them look more dull. So, if you want your teeth bright, white, pearly, stop brushing too hard and instead brush gently but more carefully! This will also help the bristles stay in good condition longer.
Ideally you should use a toothbrush with fairly soft and flexible bristles that can work in the spaces between teeth and gums and brush for two minutes every morning and again in the evening. Hold the toothbrush at a 45 ° angle to the teeth, first brush with gentle pressure in circular motions away from the gumline, then back and forth across all surfaces of the mouth and teeth.

3. Rinse

Once you're done brushing, rinse the handle and bristles thoroughly under running water to wash away any toothpaste and debris. If you've brushed hard enough to bend the bristles, you can put them back in place with your fingers.

4. Let the toothbrush dry properly after use

The ONLY thing you need to do differently when using a bamboo toothbrush is to let it dry after using it! While bamboo has natural antibacterial properties, it's not as impenetrable as plastic, but if you help it dry properly it will last as long as your old plastic toothbrush.

Once you're done brushing your teeth, quickly scrub it with the towel, then put it to dry somewhere. Storing it lying on a flat surface is fine as long as the water can drain out. Once dry, place it in the case or in a cup.

And that's really all there is to it to take care of your toothbrush!
In summary: how to take care of your bamboo toothbrush
  1. When you first use it, nothing different. Just recycle the package.
  2. Brush your teeth with the correct technique
  3. Rinse well after use
  4. Let it dry properly

How often should you change a bamboo toothbrush?

The dentist's recommendation is to replace the toothbrush every 2-3 months, regardless of what it is done.

When it's time to replace yours, first see if you can reuse it in another way (cleaning bike chains or as a sign in your garden perhaps?), And then once its life is really over make sure you dispose of it properly

Do you have any questions or suggestions on how to properly care for your bamboo toothbrush? Let us know!

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