Why should you switch to a bamboo toothbrush?

In fact, 99% of all toothbrushes in the world are made from plastic. And every year we throw away over 5 billion plastic toothbrushes that are never recycled. These end up in landfills or the ocean, polluting the land and putting marine life at risk. This number (over 5 billion) is worth a step. Fortunately, there is an ecological alternative ...Bamboo toothbrushes. Currently, this alternative is the best choice for our land for the following reasons:

What is a bamboo toothbrush?

The BribeUShop toothbrush is made up of 95% renewable sources and is 95% biodegradable. This 95% is the bamboo handle, The remaining 5% is made up of the bristles made by DuPont that are recyclable but not biodegradable (we are talking about less than an ounce of material here, compared to a full plastic toothbrush). This is because oral health and effective teeth cleaning are our No. 1, and so far there is no biodegradable fiber that does it as much and for as long as a normal toothbrush use.

But let's take a good look at it in detail.

1. Why bamboo?

Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on our planet and is naturally antibacterial, so it does not need pesticides or fertilizers and needs very little water to grow. Conversely, where the oil used to produce plastics is a limited resource. After harvesting, the bamboo plant will regenerate itself, so we don't have to worry about deforestation.

2. It's good for our environment

Made of natural bamboo wood, the toothbrush handle is 100% biodegradable. It can be safely discarded by returning it to the ground in compost or landfill. Even with non-compostable bristles, these eco-friendly toothbrushes still eliminate 95% of the plastic used in traditional toothbrush manufacturing.

3. It is effective and easy to use
The bristles are designed to be soft nylon which provides maximum performance to remove stains, tartar and plaque from sensitive teeth and gums. If you brush properly, bamboo toothbrushes are as effective at cleaning your teeth as any manual toothbrush available, without having to put plastic in your mouth two or three times a day.

A natural bamboo toothbrush will last as long as a plastic toothbrush. It is recommended that you dry your toothbrush completely before storing it. Dentists recommend replacing your toothbrush every 2 to 3 months or when the bristles have frayed.

The production process is ecological.

The bamboo toothbrush handle is usually handmade with minimal use of electronic machinery while the plastic toothbrush is manufactured in a factory, which uses many automated machines and processes to produce the final product.

Brings spiritual value

Nowadays, people tend to bring nature home to balance everything in life. This is the reason for the flower pots in our home. Plus, a bamboo toothbrush will help you connect with nature right in your home. 

One simple step on the journey to become plastic-free and live zero waste, bamboo toothbrushes and coconut soap dishes are great in your bathroom!

BribeUShop wants to build a society of optimistic people. People who share similar values and interests and inspire each other to find alternatives for products and materials that harm this beautiful planet!