5 simple things you can do to live green

The world population is growing steadily and producing more waste than ever. 8 million tons of plastic are found in the oceans every year. That unimaginable number warns us of a future in which we will have to live with garbage at home. Furthermore, if we do not change anything in our way of life, our future generations will also suffer from the "mountains of garbage" we are releasing today. "Green Life" not only helps you stay healthier, happier and protect the Earth, it also offers our descendants a better chance to enjoy life on our planet.

Eh, a green lifestyle: it's really a puzzle!

This way of life is not something too difficult and fantastic. It comes from simple habits in our daily life. If you are ready to change, BribeUShop offers you some tips for a "Green" life:


1. Buy seasonal vegetables and fruits


Buying seasonal fruit and vegetables is also an act of sustainable development. This action is beneficial because it allows to limit the cultivation in greenhouses which is very expensive in energy terms and to avoid the use of fertilizers to grow outside the natural period of the species.


2. Always carry a bag or container with you



With a cloth, net, or rope bag, you don't have to use the plastic bag when shopping, especially when shopping for food. Also, to refuse the disposable cups that are often used in cafes and water dispensers, you should carry your own container whenever you can't stay there.

3. Avoid advancing food with meals

In daily life, 25% of food is immediately thrown into the garbage. It means you are wasting a lot of money and destroying the environment. Therefore, we had to have the habit of preparing a fair amount of food with all family members and eating all the food in one meal.

4. Emphasize reusable and eco-friendly materials in your kitchen

One item you can change right away is the plastic straw. It is used daily with a large amount and it takes about 500 years for a plastic straw to dissolve. So instead of using it, you can choose reusable bamboo straws, glass straws, or metal straws. Also, coconut based products like coconut bowl, coconut utensils, etc. They are also good alternatives because they are environmentally friendly, reusable and naturally made.


5. Reuse cardboard boxes, plastic and glass containers

In fact, reuse is much better than recycling because the recycling process needs different sources: worker, water, electricity, .... So by reusing cardboard boxes, plastic containers and glass, we save a lot of money. And there are many ways to recycle. Use these materials again, for example, as gifts for your friends or family or decorative items for your home.

These are some of our suggestions for you:

BribeUShop wants to build a society of optimistic people. People who share similar values and interests and inspire each other to find alternatives for products and materials that harm this beautiful planet!